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Episode 33 : Healthy Relationship

Dr. Raffa skims the surface for what is and isn't necessary to have a healthy relationship with a significant other

Episode 32 : Woke Up This Morning

Dr. Raffa scratches the surface on the therapeutic treatment of one of the most iconic characters in television history, Tony Soprano. We discuss and analyze Tony's c...

Episode 31 : Good Morning, It's Not A Greeting But A Decision

Dr. Raffa invites special guest Catarina Martins LPC from Inner Balance to discuss Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

Episode 30 : CBT At The Movies - Part 3

Dr Raffa analyzes "Good Will Hunting", conveying her insight into the portrayal of psychologist Sean Maguire played by Robin Williams

Episode 29 : CBT At The Movies - Part 2

Episode 29 : CBT At The MoviesThe 2003 Thriller/Mystery "Identity" is reviewed and analyzed. This underrated psychological "who done it" is a nod to Agatha Christie's ...

Episode 28 : CBT At The Movies

A new segment where Dr. Raffa analyzes movies that focuses on psychology and psychological treatment. Our first installment is "Silver Linings Playbook" where Dr. Raff...

Episode 27 : Building Inner Balance

This episode is a profile piece on Dr. Dawn Raffa. This brief yet, informative prologue details Dr. Raffa assent from beginnings to owning and operating two successfu...

Episode 26 : Let's Get Weird

In this episode Dr Raffa evaluates 13 syndromes and disorders that some may consider supernatural, uncanny, or just ..... weird..

Episode 25: The ABC's of OCD

Dr Raffa reviews the different types of OCD and treatment in order to bring the disorder to order.

Episode 24: The Psychology of a Serial Killer

Criminal Minds takes center stage as Dr. Raffa dissects the mindset and mental makeup of a serial killer while outlining a list of the most diabolical serial killers i...

Episode 23: The Generations

Dr. Raffa dissects the historical characteristics and tendencies of each generation going back to the turn of the 20th century.

Episode 22: Eccentric Therapies

Dr. Raffa explores various bizarre therapies throughout history: What it was supposed to do, and what it actually did.

Episode 21: Social Psychology - When great (and not so great) minds think alike

Dr. Raffa gives a rundown on how Social Psychology plays a role in what we buy and why we buy it, as well as various historic effects and experiments.

Episode 20 : The Psychology of Real Estate

Dr. Raffa discusses the psychology surrounding current real estate market conditions with her special guest Jenifer Raffa, Broker of Record & Realtor at Sabalre.com

Episode 19 : Thinking Traps Part 4: The Final Chapter

Dr. Raffa reviews the final 3 thinking traps and discovers how thinking traps are in many song lyrics

Episode 18: Thinking Traps Part 3: The Saga Continues

Dr. Raffa continues to review thinking traps conversation and reviews trap's 7 through 10

Episode 17: Thinking Traps and How To Avoid Them (Part 2)

It's A Trap..... in thinking. Dr. Raffa continues to review thinking traps that plague the mind. Traps are 4-6 are analyzed

Episode 16: Thinking Traps and How To Avoid Them (Part 1)

Dr. Raffa reviews 3 of 13 "dreaded thinking traps that many of us battle every day.

Episode 15 : I Hate Being Bipolar, It's Awesome!

Dr. Raffa discusses signs of bipolar disorder in adults and children.

Episode 14: Assertive is as Assertive Does

Dr. Raffa lends her synopsis on the importance of being assertive and setting boundaries.

Episode 13: A Stress For All Seasons

Dr. Raffa discusses stress management techniques for coping with various types of pressure and tension throughout the year.

Episode 12: PTSD Inquiry

Dr. Raffa elaborates on the signs of PTSD and how therapy can help.

Episode 11: Enough about me, now let's talk about me: Narcissism

Dr. Raffa and Anthony break down NARCISSISM, the definition, how it affects individuals around them, and how they project everything off themselves. They also discuss ...

Episode 10: The Psychology of Sports

Dr. Raffa and Anthony break down the psychology of sports, explain how to become a sports psychologist, CBT within sports, and how you can toleration stress and put yo...

Episode 9: Why We Are Creatures of Habit

Dr. Raffa and Anthony break down why we are creatures of habit, making decisions, why we aren't seeing change, and why we don't stop habits even when we know we should...

Episode 8 : Pros and Cons of Fear

Dr. Raffa and Anthony, break down where fear comes from, how much fear is too much, how to stop it from controlling your life, and how all anxiety disorders come from ...

Episode 7 : Crash Course on Diagnosis

Dr. Raffa and Anthony break down the difference between mental disorders such as Bipolar, PTSD, and more. This episode includes an activity where Dr. Raffa diagnosed f...

Episode 6 : Here is Why You Should Give Mindfulness and Meditation a Try

Dr. Raffa and Anthony discuss mindfulness and meditation, what's the difference and the benefits, and more - Stay tuned until the end for a Mindfulness and Meditation ...

Talk Therapy CBT Trailer Remix

Mid Season Talk Therapy CBT Trailer Remix with some of our favorite clips from the first five episodes.

Episode: 5 When Should I Go to Couples Therapy?

In this episode, Dr. Raffa and Anthony discuss the right and wrong reasons for going to couples therapy, when you should start going, handling different stages of marr...

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